Using CD Burner with Roon Rock NUC

I am going to be putting together a Roon Rock NUC (NUC7i7DHNE) as my network music server. I will have my music storage internal to the NUC via a 2.5" Samsung 860 Evo 1TB SSD. I’ve got a lot of CDs to burn (haven’t done it previously on any of my other PCs). I don’t believe there is any way I could attach an external USB3 CD/DVD burner/player directly to the NUC and have it be functional for ripping processes once the Rock OS is installed on it. I would doubt any music burning software/drivers are part of the Rock OS install. Thinking that I will have to go indirectly through one of my Windows 10 PCs where I can install the burning software and drivers and then transfer the files to the Roon Rock NUC; am I correct in my thinking or might there be a way to do it directly?

  • john

Rip the cd’s on the Windows 10 pc then copy to the Rock NUC over the network, you should see the Rock device in Windows Explorer, you may need to enable SMBv1 which is done as follows.

Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows Features on or off > check or uncheck the box for “SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support”

Kinda what I was thinking - many thanks !!!

John, personally, I prefer ripping “offline” because it gives me a chance to review the outcome before putting it in the Roon watch folder.

But to answer your question, a ROCK will only run ROCK.

PS: An external USB drive works well for your library, plus it’s portable and easily swapped out. I left my second internal drive empty and use two USB hard drives. Just sayin… :slight_smile:

Nice choice on the Rock. You won’t be sorry. Good luck.

Thanks for the advice! I had pretty much anticipated that - I had read Danny had placed some drivers in with the Rock OS (usb to Ethernet?), but thinking there was any burning software bundled in there also was just very hopeful thinking. Based on Chris’ (Computer Audiophile) enthusiastic recommendation of NUCs to run Roon, I prematurely ordered a NUC7i7BNH. However, after fully following-up on his installation and all the aftermath, et al, I quickly realized that NUC would be way too noisy to have in my listening environment, and with no good fanless solution to boot. Fortunately, I was able to cancel the order in time and order a NUC7i7DNHE (mis-typed in my original post :wink:) - a much better solution! The Roon Nucleus sounds like it would be a fantastic server, but just too expensive for my present experience & needs in this whole music streaming thing. Moreover, from what I’ve read of Danny’s comments, the Nucleus may undergo further hardware developments in future builds. My dream server is the Pink Faun (but with the rate things are advancing, that may change too). I’m sure I’ll be very satisfied with the Roon Rock NUC solution for quite some while, if not as a final one - got to get some experience until I really know what is going on. Anywhose, thanks very much for your comments, and Happy Listening!

  • john

If you want a nice fanless case you might consider this I have a version for my 6th gen nuc and it works well.


Very good to hear! I’ve run across the Akasa Plato X7D and it’s nice to hear that it is working well in actual practice for you. Guess others are becoming aware of this too, because it’s pretty hard to acquire right now. Hopefully they will keep producing this case, as it appears to be working well the way it was intended. Thanks for your advice and reference. Cheers!

  • john