Using Controller & Output on same computer

(noob here, Day 3 of my trial)
I understand that running all 3 components on the same computer is not recommended. Is it okay to run both the controller and output on the same computer with the core running a different computer?


Lots of people happily run all three components on the same computer. Maybe try it first, see how it sounds and if it is convenient then you can make personal decisions.


Seconding what Ged said!

Lots of people run Roon as an all in one box. Whether or not it makes a SQ difference is really up to the individual user, their environment and even the specific equipment being used.

I run the RoonCore on a multipurpose machine in my basement. It serves the rest of the house remotely, but, I also use it as an all in one (core, control and output) when I sit next to it in the downstairs office. Take a peak. Sounds great, especially though the EVGA NU Audio Card.

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll keep the Core running on a separate machine for now. In the near future, I’ll be freeing up a Mac Mini (i7, 16 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD). I’ll try running it all on that machine. Should be enough???

Hey @Rob_Welles your Mac Mini should run Roon fine! You can find out more about our minimum system requirements here: