Using DAC remote with Ropieee

Hello, I recently jumped on the Ropieee bandwagon and connected a Rasbperry Pi 4 via USB to my Peachtree Nova. Roon recognized immediately and I was up and running in 10 minutes. With my previous streaming device (Nvidia Shield also connected with USB), I was able to use my Nova remote to Play, pause, etc. I suppose there’s some sort of pass-through capability in the Shield. It looks like Ropieee supports remotes that are directly connected to the pi but I’m hoping to keep things simple. Any chance I’m just missing a setting somewhere?


Is this an IR remote?
If yes, You can use the FLIRC stick and assign Your Nova keys for play, stop, etc to it.
The FLIRC stick can be programmed f.e. on a PC with the FLIRC app. After doing that You plug it back into Your ropieee.
Needs some configuration, but works very well.

With that solution You don‘t control Your DAC directly, You tell roon to do something with an endpoint.

Looks like exactly what I’m searching for-it is an IR remote. Thanks for the input.