Using ‘device volume’ with a USB audio device connected to Roon bridge

Should I be able to control the volume of a USB-audio device connected to a Roon bridge that I am controlling with Roon remote on my mobile phone?

In Roon remote I have the device configured to use device volume and see audio playing but only am able hear audio when on fixed volume. The USB device is not a “Roon ready” device. Does this matter?

Should I be able to use device volume here?

I’m able to control the RAATserver volume on the bridge and see it moving when controlling from Roon remote.

Thank in advance for help

Hi @ColdOnes,

You’ll need to provide some more information here for us to understand the issue:

What is the Roon Bridge and what is the USB audio device you’re trying to use? If it’s only working with “fixed” volume this indicates that it can’t be controlled. Have you given DSP volume a try and is the behavior the same?