Using DSP, do I need to mess with it?

Hey there fellow Rooners. Can anyone explain how to utilize the custom DSP settings. I use Tidal mostly along with my library. Currently, my system sounds great. Question is, am I missing making it even better?

I don’t use it at all…

If you listen in an acoustically perfect room, you probably don’t need this. If you are like all the rest of us, spending time on a convolution filter for room correction will be the most cost effective way to improve your listening. There are a number of threads on this topic if you are interested. It’s not exactly easy, but very worthwhile IMO.
As far as I’m concerned, a lot of the other stuff may make a difference but is much more subtle.

Meridian show off! :wink:

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DSP = “digital signal processing” which pretty much means messing with the sound!

Or it can mean fixing the sound.

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I don’t use the DSP for listening with speakers as I’ve put a fair bit of work into room correction, however, I have preset convolution filters for all of my headphones to flatten the response out. I also add a little but of crossfeed to improve the stereo image.

DSP isn’t for everyone, but it has it’s uses.

I turn up the bass occasionally or play with room correction and then go back. Just don’t fall into the trap of shooting the messenger (Roon) when you cock it up!

Are we talking speakers or headphones?

Thanks all. I’ll look for some videos on it that may get me in the right direction.

OK. OTOH, those who do not have an other facility for room correction may find Roon’s DSP the right place to implement it.

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Generally speaking- as long as it sounds good to me, it is good! I use the DSP function with my mojopoly / Denon AH9200 headphones. My speaker run with “sound optimization plus” as I use Linn gear.

If you have a decent system capable of playing down to 20 Hz in a decent size room, tretated and all, you can still benefit from DSP. I use Dsp to tame room modes up to 80 hz and a combination procedural/paramtetric eq to compensate for a slight asymmetry in my hearing. Sound is glorious.