Using DSP to balance channels

This is not a question, but a happy story to share.
Because of room configuration, my main system favors the left channel slightly. There was a physical solution to this, but it didn’t leave me with a room I actually wanted to spend time in, so I compensated by bumping the balance control a bit to the right. All was well until I purchased a new preamp without a balance control. The problem wasn’t dramatic but it bothered me enough that I wound up going back to my old preamp, which troubled me only slightly less.
Yesterday it occurred to me that maybe I could address the imbalance with Roon’s DSP, and it turned out to be a simple matter to cut the left channel volume by 2 dB. Voila! Things are back in balance and my new preamp is back in operation.
The DSP had nothing to do with my selection of Roon, but this little gem is a happy surprise.



I did the same thing but I used the Speaker Setup function in DSP to adjust for asymmetric speaker locations. Works a treat.

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Interesting suggestions. I have greater hearing loss in one ear and am wondering if the day will come when I need to compensate to keep things in balance. I’m saving this discussion for future reference.

Your brains will compensate for this :sweat_smile:

if you only knew what is possible!!! Go to the doctor, get your ear’s frequency response, left vs right. Use the ear with less loss and use that response as a reference. Use REW to generate filter for the other ear to increase db by frequency and match the other ear. Zip the resulting impulse filter response. Go to roon and import the zip file into the dsp function. Sit back, and enjoy perfectly balanced music.

Thanks, Sergio. That’s great information. I get my hearing tested annually, so I’ll do what you suggest after my next test.

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