Using DSP to help with sibilance

OK I will first point out that I am a total novice at all of this, but I would like to experiment a bit with the DSP.
I am definitely sensitive to a bit of sibilance especially on female voices. Any suggestions on what I can do in the DSP area to help try and reduce this. There are so many ways I can change the curve but I am not even sure which equaliser to use.
Any guidance will be greatly apprecaited

Use the parametric eq , program a -2db dip , centred on 6khz and with a Q of 1.5 to 2

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Does this look like I am on the right tracks?

I have noticed that now I have used DSP I do not get the bright blue star on my signal path. Is this normal? There is also an entry for bit depth conversion. Can anyone explain what this is please ?

Any DSP is always performed in 64 bit arithmetic to minimise rounding errors and so on. This is then converted back to your target bit depth for rendering once the DSP has been performed.

The change in your signal path is as expected with the addition of DSP.

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Excellent thank you for the explanation