Using extensions with ROCK

From my reading of the forums posts it appears that at this time extensions & the Roon Extension Manager cannot be installed on a ROCK server, but they can be installed on another PC on the same network & they will then “see” the ROCK server & function as expected.

Is this correct?



That’s correct!

I do hope that addressing this limitation of ROCK (and Nucleus presumably) is on the roadmap for the near future. Having to run Extensions this way is inconvenient and not super reliable. They tend to stop working when Roon gets an update or when the laptop they are running on is rebooted. The maintenance required detracts from the ‘appliance’ concept of ROCK.

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Last time @danny talked about this, he said:

Let’s hope that the focus will turn towards this. Would be nice if ROCK gets support for Docker containers.

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Yes, but I can understand why it isn’t a high priority; a bit of a niche feature that will remain so until it is easier to use.

Hi - I was wondering if you could direct me to a post that describes how to set that up. I’m not sure what to search for.

For Windows install:

For Pi install (and the excellent Web Controller):

Thanks for sharing that!

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Thanks for all the replies. I now have a Raspberry PI running DietPI running the alarm clock extension.

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Brill. I will get round to this shortly as I have a Pi in need of an update to the latest Diet Pi. Did you follow the instructions above or just do a standard Diet Pi install and add the other components on afterwards?

Hi Tony

Basically I followed the instructions at


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Since DietPi version 6.10 the Extension Manager can be directly installed via dietpi-software.


I’m going to install Roon Rock on my NUC for best audio quality. Until now I used Windows 10 where Roon Server and Roon Extension Manager were installed. Because the Roon Controller application is not available for blind people, I am using Roon Web Controller. Will I still be able to use the Roon Web Controller? Can I install the Extension Manager on the same computer where Roon Rock is installed? Regards Robert