Using file's track titles

I have a recording of the Mikado, in which my local files are tagged with good titles for the tracks, but Roon has used its metadata instead – in this case, with terrible results. So all the tracks are labeled, e.g., “Song and Chorus,” instead of the name of the song. I want Roon to show the track titles stored in the file tags.

Here is what I’ve done that does not work:

  • Display the album
  • Select all tracks
  • From the “…” menu at top, "click “Edit” then “Metadata Preference”
  • For “Title”, click “Prefer File”
  • Click “Save”

I must be missing something, as this has no effect at all. Help, please!

A track title is not the same as WORK/PART titles of a multi-part composition. Preferring track tiles from files is futile in this situation. Read also:

If you prefer to see track titles for multi-part compositions, you can disable multi-part composition grouping on a per album basis (Album Editor, Edit Album at the bottom).

@BlackJack -

Thank you! That solved it.

Ordinarily, I find multi-part structure useful. But here, two things combined to make it problematic. (1) Roon simply grouped the entire album under a work, The Mikado, which is already the title of the CD, so multi-part added nothing; and (2) the parts titles were about as uninformative as they can be.

Again, thanks for showing me the way to work around this.


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