Using filter to find an album in my music folder crashes the Windows desktop application

Everything was working fine with Roon until just now. I run Roon Server and the full Roon GUI on my core laptop (HP Spectre running Windows 10) in my home office. I have another HP Spectre in my listening area running the full Roon logged in to the core server. All of a sudden on my Core computer if under “Albums” I try to find an album in my music folder the application hangs up and I have no choice but to stop the application in Task Manager. When I go back into the application I cannot do anything because it still has the beginning of the filter entry and it hangs immediately. I do not have this problem at all on the other computer that only functions as a remote. I tried uninstalling full Roon and Roon server and restoring an older backup but the same problem continues. I then uninstalled all Roon and did a fresh installation without restoring anything. The same problem: the core computer hangs up when filtering the music folder, the remote computer works perfectly. Screenshot attached. Note the blank album icons on the top row. Oddly, the fresh installation did not seem to erase all of my data even though I did not restore and there were no Roon folders in my Local folder after uninstalling. Please help.

Is there a way I can send a video capture that shows exactly how Roon remote freezes when filtering albums stored in the Music folder? This only happens using the remote application on the Core computer, not on my other computer or my Android device. The only way I can use the remote on my Core after the freeze is to disable the Music folder from another remote. I can then scroll an album in my Music folder and play it. It’s only when I try use the filter that this happens.

You can post URLs (internet links) here.

Here’s the sequence showing the filters for “h”, “ha”, “har” and “hart”. “Hart” shows the blank album icons and that’s when Roon freezes and I have to use Task Manager to close the application. The only way I can use the Roon GUI on the Core computer is to disable my Music folder from another device.

I found part of the problem. Screen resolution, possibly along with scaling. I’m running Windows 10 and Roon 1.8 Build 783.

I have no problem on my remote laptop with 1900x1200 resolution, or on my Android device.

I have a second monitor connected to my core laptop. The second monitor has 1900x1200 resolution and filtering albums works fine so far when I move Roon to that monitor. The laptop’s monitor is 3840x2160 with scale set to 250%, and that’s the one which freezes when filtering albums.

The problem may be triggered when the number of albums displayed is less than what the top line can show. At any rate, the problem happens when there are only two or three albums that should display after the filter.

OK, at 3840x2160 with 250% scale there are five albums per row and that’s when the filter-freeze happens. I can’t quite figure out why it happens sometimes and works OK other times.

3840x2160 at 225% scale seems to have no problem at all. There are six albums per row at that configuration. Maybe the difference has to do with a coding error when there are five albums per row?

I don’t want to run at only 225% scale because amy other applications will be far too small on my laptop.

Just so you are aware: The minimum enforced app size for me is 768x768 pixel. Then you have to add space for the window borders and possibly things like OS’s app list at the bottom. So the height of 864 pixels that results of the 250% scaling might be not enough (see also: FAQ: What are the minimum requirements?) and part of your problem here.

I’ve learned a couple other things. The problem does not happen if the window isn’t maximized. So, I don’t think minimum pixel height is the issue. Plus the problem only happens with certain filters, for example “ab” or “af” but not “st”. And it only happens when filtering albums.

The other thing I learned is the problem is fixed if I go to “roon.exe>properties>compatibility>change high DPI settings” in order to override high DPI scaling by the system. But the downside of this is blurry text and some text that’s way too small on my laptop.

I think the problem is with the latest build of Roon and I don’t think I should have to accept inferior text rendering within Roon or decrease my scaling system-wide when other applications don’t have this issue.

Hey @Kman_CT,

Thanks so much for discussing this issue on our community as well as for making a real effort to find a solution. We’re grateful!

I also want to apologize that we’ve been silent for this long. It wasn’t at all our intention: we are trying to reply to everyone in a timely manner, but we’re not always succeeding. I am sorry :pleading_face:

I’ve moved this thread into our technical team’s queue, so they can share some additional insight and any possible solutions to this.

Thanks in advance for being patient a little while longer :pray:

No problem, I appreciate that you’re looking at this. For now I’m working around the problem, but that’s less than ideal. Please let me know if you’re able to duplicate the issue. I still can’t figure out why certain album filters crash Roon GUI on Windows and other don’t.

Initially I thought it was a problem with local music files because when I disabled my watched folder from another remote I was able to launch Roon again on the problem computer. But it was a specific locally stored album that crashed Roon and I then had the same problem with searches only of TIDAL and Qobuz.

I think the problem is an 864 pixel height on a 3840 x 2160 laptop monitor at 250% scale. But it seems odd that there’s no problem when the window is not maximized without regard to the window size. And it also seems odd that it’s only a problem on some album filters and nothing else that I’ve done with Roon so far.