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When I click FOCUS for instance when viewing The Rolling Stones albums… I get different numbers for albums in my library.

Am I just tired and not getting it? LOL like it says:

  • main 86
  • local 106
  • main albums 150

See photo and thank you!

You appear to be on the Discography view if the artist. This includes all releases available to Roon, i.e., local and streaming media.

For many main albums there are multiple releases, which you can see on the Versions tab. For example, I have two copies of Sticky Fingers in my library, but there are a further three available to me on Qobuz.

In my library, Focus shows 81 Main Albums, but 75 are shown under this. Why is there an apparent discrepancy? If I go to My Albums and filter on The Rolling Stones, there are 23 albums. However, only 15 are unique releases (that is, for example, I have two ungrouped versions Sticky Fingers.)

So, the numbers vary because some albums are grouped, and some are not. For instance, two grouped albums are counted once whereas two ungrouped albums will be shown as two unique albums.

By selecting both ungrouped Sticky Fingers albuns and clicking Edit, I can merge alternate versions. Doing this reduces the album count from 23 to 22.

Ah ok. I think lol. thank you. Do you have any idea why some albums that show in my nucleus library are not showing in my Roon library? I’ve tried deleting an readding but they still do not show up? Thanks

What do you mean by “My Nucleus Library”? Are you referring to local media? It’d be really helpful if you could provide some examples with screenshots.

Sorry yes my local library/media. I can take a pic when i get back to my desk thanks

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