Using focus on LG phone: problem with Track count and Disc count options

Hello, anyone out there using an LG (preferably V series) smartphone who can check if they encounter the issue below (or not) and post here with details of model? Thanks in advance! Solutions welcome too :wink:.

I love that with 1.8 Roon has rolled out Focus functionality for mobile, and most of it works great for me. But I encounter one persistent issue on my LG V30 (Android 8.0.0):

When using focus from the albums overview there are two option that require text input from the user: Track count and Disc count under one of the ‘inspector’ lists.

For me, tapping in either of the two pop-up data entry boxes (see screenshot) very briefly flashes up my keyboard, but then both keyboard and the data entry fields close down almost imediately.

So I completely fail to use these options as part of a focus query.

(In contrast, it all works fine for me on e.g. a OnePlus 3T android phone, or iPhone)

Neither using alternative keyboards (tried LG’s own, Google Gboard and Microsoft SwiftKey) nor a reboot makes any difference.

See below.

Tapping in either box circled below closes down the second pop-up, after showing on-screen keyboard for fraction of second: