Using Gustard R26 Dac NOS turned on

On my Gustard R26 setting I have set to PCM Nos turned on. I’m curious of how I should set roon sample rate conversions and device set up. Should I convert everything to PCM? Or DSD over PCM? Trying to avoid delta sigma upconverting. I specifically got this dac to use the R2R nos.

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Just turn on NOS. When it’s on, you won’t be using any internal OS. As for Roon, it is up to you if you like sticking with PCM upsampled or PCM upsampled to DSD. The latter will require more processing power depending on rate.

The R26 works natively in PCM. Leave PCM untouched, Convert DSD to PCM in Roon. Listen for a while and see how you like it. Then try upsampling PCM in Roon.

Ok. I have it set to dsd playback strategy to dsd over pcm. And pcm max out at 384 khz.

If you connect R26 via LAN and use Roon, will it be possible to control the volume in the Roon application?
Or will I be able to adjust the volume only on the power amplifier?

Will the DoP 64 and PCM sound over the coaxial channel and LAN be good if you use a DAC loop (Hegel H390)??

What level of cables should I use with R26?

I just updated firmware from v5.50 to v5.57. I curious what changes does it make? I read somewhere it was designed to read the menu screen better. Can you confirm this? Did you update yours?

I’m a Holo Audio man. I just posted what I would do under those circumstances. I did want a second DAC but have gone the Eversolo route.