Using HQ Player with ROON and a Lumin D2?

Using HQ Player with ROON and a Lumin D2 ? So reading through various threads, it seems some of the features of HQ do not really work well depending on the DAC being used. In my case it is the Lumin D2. I do use some of the features in ROON, like Upsampling to DSD, ect… Also for what its worth and may sound strange but works great, is I am feeding the D2 balanced XLR out to the balanced in of the Lyngdorf 2710 integrated.


HQPlayer is not currently supported for Lumin.

Hi Wayne,

HQ Player uses its own form of network output software known as an “NAA” or Network Audio Adaptor. NAA is to HQ Player as Roon Bridge is to Roon.

As Peter notes above, Lumin does not currently implement an NAA in firmware, so if you want to send an HQ Player output over a network to a Lumin DAC you will need a network device that includes an NAA between your router and your DAC. There are a number of such devices, ranging from a Raspberry Pi, Allo DigiOne or a microRendu which I use.

Your DAC will also take a direct USB connection from a computer that is running HQ Player, if that is how you prefer to connect.

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Since it resamples everything to 96kHz internally, you won’t gain much from prior upsampling anyway, unless what you want to do is to use HQPlayer to resample everything to 96kHz to feed the Lyngdorf.

That is a tough one to explain, as my NAD M32 did the same thing, yet it sounds great as does the Lyngdorf… With the M32 I also used an external DAC with DSF files with the M32. This is a point I can’t explain, as similar to using an external phono with the Lyngdorf, converting to digital and it sounds great per people who I have talked to that do this. So it seems the better the analog feed into the Lyngdorf, it really does not seem to matter what it does internally to amplify. Just my simple observation.I have always converted all files in ROON to DSD

Are you using the Room Perfect to correct things? Perhaps that is where the real gain is coming from.

Will that ever happen, meaning HQ and Lumin ?

Hi Peter,

I have a Lumin D1 and am also very interested in trying HQ player. Any chance of an update to make this happen?


For Lumin to support HQP they would need to add NAA to the Lumin options, not something that I would think is trivial effort if at all even possible.