Using HQ Player with SGC Sonictransporter

I’m migrating my Roon Core from a Mac Mini to a Sonictransporter i9. I had been running HQ Player Desktop on the same machine as the Core (that is, on the Mac Mini). Music was being sent to an ultraRendu (NAA) in my listening room. It was working fine.

I did not order the ST i9 with a new HQP license. I had understood that I could install my own license key on the new system. However, the new system (with HQP “embedded”) does not seem to accept the old key. So apparently it only runs in trial mode, which times out after ~30 minutes.

So I’m trying to sync up the HQP desktop, running on the old Mac Mini, to the new Roon Core running on the ST i9. I’ve added an HQ Player with the Mac Mini’s IP address to Roon, and it seems to be playing … but I get no sound. The hitch seems to be this: When I specify “NetworkAudio Adapter” in the HQP preferences, the ultraRendu does not appear in the Device drop-down. How do I get this working?

OK … I got HQP working by removing the HQP “embedded” service from the NAA chain. There doesn’t seem to be a way to “turn off” the embedded HQP server, but evidently one can achieve the same effect by shifting the Backend from NAA to ALSA in the HQP manager. Once I do that, the uRendu appears in the HQP Desktop Settings “Device” drop-down.