Using HQPlayer with Two Different Devices/Sources

I am using HQP 4 with two different devices as follows:

Device #1: Raspberry Pi/Ropiee/Hifiberry with NAA Backend. Note: I use this set-up to listen to Spotify via HQPlayer.

Device #2: Roon and T+A DSD 8 DAC (ASIO backend) connected via USB. Note: I use this set-up to listen to Qobuz and my own music library via HQPlayer.

Whenever I want to change music sources (Spotify or Roon/Qobuz), I must access the settings in HQP and manually make changes. This process can become tedious.

Is there any way in HQP to save each setting to facilitate switching between different devices/sources in HQP?

I also have HQP 3 installed in my computer. I presume that I could use HQP3 with one source and HQP 4 with the other source. Any thoughts on that possibility?

Any suggestions/ideas are welcome.


I’m not sure I understand your overall setup.

But you can switch sources from HQPlayer Client.

Let me try to explain.

I have two devices that I use with HQP v4. To listen to each device, I have to go into settings in HQP and manually change several parameters.
Is there a way to “save” the settings for each device (this could be similar to creating a profile for that device) to facilitate switching between devices?

If that is not possible, could use HQP3 with one device and HQP 4 with the other device?


From File menu select “Export settings” and store your settings in some suitable file.

To go back to those settings, select “Import settings” from File menu and load the settings file you want to use.

Kinda unofficial feature, you can also create two shortcuts and specify the settings.xml file on command line to start up HQPlayer.

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Thank you Jussi!