Using iPad as Roon Core and Accessing Roon After Innuos Server Failure (ref#QA4YG3)

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My issue is that my innuos server died a month ago, my subscription is still active till next year and I am asking besides using a PC can I use my iPad as Roon core to access Roon? If not, what would I need to do to get back into the Roon platform to utilise its features? Thank you.

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My issue is not about network or access issues

@Clemen_Ng, no, your Roon Server must be a PC running Windows or Linux, a Mac, or a Nucleus or approved NUC running RoonOS. The iPad can be used only as a Roon Remote.

If you have a PC running Windows 10 or 11, you can use that as a Roon Server. A list of options for a Roon Server are listed at this link:

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