Using iPhone as endpoint & DSP

I’ve been using my iPhone 6s, with the latest Roon app installed as an endpoint and have a pair of bluetooth headphones connected. It sounds OK, but I was trying to tweak the sound using DSP. I’ve found that I can’t adjust the DSP on the iPhone. I can do it on my Mac easy enough with my McIntosh as the endpoint, but the same method doesn’t work on the iPhone. Does anybody know if there is a way? Thanks!

You can set up DSP for your iPhone using the Mac and save it as a preset, which is selectable from your iPhone then (multiple presets seen in screenshot).

Screenshot of view on iPhone:

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Thank you Marin, it is much appreciated! I shall give it a try.

You’re very welcome and have fun!

That worked great, I was able to create alot of different settings. There’s so many little features hidden in Roon.

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