Using Itunes with Nucleus

Is it possible to download Itunes music to my nucleus? I have itunes on a laptop but its not always connected to the network.

I’m not certain I’ve understood the question. If not, I apologise. Anyway, here goes an answer to the question I think you are asking…

Are you currently using your Nucleus to play any locally stored files or is it only for streaming? If the former, you should simply be able to copy your iTunes folder from your laptop to your storage location and add the folder to Roon storage locations under Settings/Storage. If the latter, I think you need to add a storage device either directly to your Nucleus or somewhere on the network.

i installed a 1TB SSD in the nucleus. I’ve copied files from my laptop to the nucleus via the wifi network. But, none of the music in the folders, including itunes, shows up on the Roon application. Is there a step i’m missing?

Are they wma files?
Roon does not like wma files unfortunately.
I had to batch convert nearly 2tb of wma files to FLAC before Roon would recognize them.

Or is simply a case that you have not set up the music storage folder location yet?

the only item in storage is Nucleus Internal Storage. there are no other watch folders.

Over the network where you transferred the files can you see the music inside the nucleus internal storage?