Using JRiver created playlists in Roon

Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Mcintosh C50 preamp and MdcIntosh MC402 amp via windows laptop windows 10 and external 5 TB hard drive

Number of Tracks in Library

over 4 TB of flac at itunes lossless files. Many duplicates.

Description of Issue

I tired Roon several years ago and loved it. I’m currently using JRiver with many large playlists. Last I knew it was possible to export playlists to Roon from JRiver but Roon was unable to add to the playlists nor otherwise edit them. If someone has figured out a reasonable workaround or otherwise figured out how to get Roon to work with these playlists including edits, deletions, additions, etc. I would gladly go back to Roon and get a NAD Nucleas (if it can now take more than 4 TB worth of hard drive space. Please advise on this issue.

There is some documentation available:

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