Using linux "audiotools" for ripping?

I’m setting up a new Roon machine, a Ryzen 2700 running Ubuntu 18.04, and I’ve come across a ripping toolkit called simply “audiotools”. Seems like a nice command-line setup; supports AccurateRip.

Anyone tried it? Seems like a prime contender.

Nope I use Vortexboxes inbuilt ripper. Got a link would like to check it out. It’s not python audiotools?

I think it is Python Audiotools.

Seems to do everything one would need.

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Does it autorip on inserting a disc? For me it’s essential. Doesn’t say it does so it looks more like a cmdline ripper. Im after ease of use dont have to think about it atm. I’m not really sold on this accurate rip thing that everyone swears on. Only ever had a few bad tips and the discs where knackered to begin with. But might give a closer look.

I think that’s a separate thing. In “System Preferences”, or whatever Ubuntu calls it today, you set a default application to be run when an audio disc is inserted. I suppose if you set it to cdda2track, it would just run that.

Two things seem to be missing:

  1. Clean the track filename to remove any troublesome characters, like ‘&’ and ‘/’.

  2. Auto-eject the disk after ripping.

Of course, both of these things can easily be added in a little wrapper script.

There is no build of it for my os so I will have to pass and tbh looks too complicated for me to setup. My scripting skills is non existent.

You could create a udev rule to run a script that calls audiotools.

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You could give the v4 beta of ripit ago you can fully automate that one as its what is used for Vortexbox that also uses accuraterip now, my version doesn’t again too old an os. Damn you Vortexbox why did you stop at Fedora 23, I guess Mr A Gills got too busy with the SonicTransporter.

Thanks for this … promoted some Googling. I think I may give Whipper a go over the weekend.