Using macbook air as end point

"hello my roon core is installed on my iMac, i have macbook air 2018 with the latest os V13 and Samsung tablete S8+ I’m able to see my playlist on the samsung tablete but i cant see them on my macbook air. I sent u a screenshot but u didn’t receve it.Help me please

Check you have the same settings on both devices, playlists are from the core so should show on all devices.

thank u for your answer.
On my macbook air I dont see the playlist made from roon and by me. I see only one playlist -empty.
I dont see any setting to fix.



Please post a screen grab of what you are seeing on both remotes please and point out the playlist you are not seeing on the MacBook. . You change the settings for playllsts by clicking on My Playlists it will open the menu I posted.

If in fact you’re looking at the same zone on both remotes (macbook & tablet), just to double-check:

Are they both connected to the same core, or are somehow they seeing different cores?