Using my iPhone 6 as a remote [Solved, different network]

I am using my iMac as a core and my iPhone 6 and a Windows laptop as remote devices. This arrangement has worked very well for the last several weeks until the iPhone quit connecting as a remote device. I tried reinstalling the iPhone remote app to no avail. Any troubleshooting help would be appreciated

I am replying to my own topic since I have some additional information. The windows laptop is working fine as a remote but when I try to use the iPhone as a remote and try to connect with the new roon remote app, it says “searching for libraries”

Any chance wifi is off? You need to be on the same networks as the core.

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john, somehow my iphone reverted to a previous wifi network and i didn’t know it. when i switched to my latest network it worked! thanks very much–you made my day!

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Happy to help.