Using NUC with ROCK as file server

I was wondering if there is any reason to not use my NUC that I am running ROCK on to use as a file server as well?
Atm I use the app Documents by readdle to access the storage on the NUC. I have created an additional folder that I can easily use for backing up the fotos of my phone.
One question is whether this additional data could break Roon? And what will happen when Roon is updated or backed up? Thanks for replies

What drives do you have connected to your NUC?

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No external drives, just an internal ssd for the OS and hdd for music. But I guess I could just use an external drive for additional files. In the end ROCK is still a pretty normal operating System, isn’t it?

I was just confirming that you had a HDD for your image files rather than trying to put them where the OS resides. It should work fine, I can’t see any issues doing that.

I’ve put photos and videos on the USB drive attached to my ROCK NUC and it hadn’t caused any problems that I aware of.

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