Using Nucleus + for music and other media?

Currently run Nucleus + with 1.2TB of music files located on ext Samsung 2T SSD. Also have existing 3T photos and video media library: considering adding internal 8T HDD to Nucleus + and using it as single NAS for both music and media files.

Would Nucleus+ be fast enough to support that or should I buy a separate Synology NAS for photo/video files ?

I would not mix purposes, and a shared drive on a computer is not a NAS, they are very different. Someone accessing photos and videos might impact Roon’s performance. I would definitely get the Synology, QNAP or Netgear to host the other files.

Hi @DANIEL_Picotte,

This isn’t something we’ve really tested extensively in-house, and isn’t something we would actively support. Theoretically this is possible as the internal storage of the Nucleus can be accessed over the network, but as Daniel suggested above, the Nucleus is not optimized to be used in this way like a NAS would.

Tks, not really surprised but better hear it from the pros.

Will keep files other than music on stand alone NAS.

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