Using Nucleus + with Auralic Vega DAC, Eero LAN & Sonos Connects

I have a relatively complex system. All my music resides on firewire drive attached to my iMac (2007!) in my second floor study. I use the Eero wi-fi mesh network to connect to two Sonos Connects on the first floor. I have an Auralic Vega DAC connected to the Sonos Connect in the living room, which feeds a power amp driving two speakers.

So where in my system does the Nucleus Plus go? I see it has an Ethernet connection, so can I just add it to one of my Eero routers, preferably on the one in my second floor study? Then what software has to be installed on it, just my Roon app that now runs on the iMac? Thanks, Steve.

Hello @Stephen_Bayle,

Yes the Nucleus could be connected to your Second Floor Study Eero router and stream music the same way you currently do with your iMac. The Nucleus would essentially ‘take the place’ of the iMac as it would be the new Core.

A version of ROCK comes installed on the Nucleus and you would be using a Roon Remote (iPad/iPhone/iMac/Other PC) to control playback and song selection.

More information on Nucleus can be found here:
More information on ROCK can be found here:
More information on Roon Remote can be found here:

Hope that helps but let me know if you have any other questions!