Using old G5 as Roon Core


I am a very new to Roon and music servers. I am considering using my old G5 Mac as a Roon Core and media server. The spec is as follows 2.66GHZ Quad Core Intel Xeon 6GB RAM. I will install 2-4 SSD hybrid drives (Can’t find any other 3.5" SSD’s.)

Could anyone pleas advise if this is a good idea…is the spec of the G5 suitable or am I likely to run into performance problems? Thank you.

G5 Macs are PowerPC based machines from over a decade ago. It (and nearly all modern software) won’t run on this machine.

Are you sure it’s a G5 and not a MacPro? Like the poster above said G5’s were PowerPC based and did not use Intel processors.

If it is a MacPro with the above spec. then I’m not sure if it meets the minimum requirements or not. You can only try.

See here:

I used to run Roon on my 2009 MacPro (firmware hacked to 2010) upgraded with 3.06GHz processors and 24GB of RAM, it ran with no issues. My processors are Westmere and I think Ivy Bridge came after.