Using OPPO as streamer with Roon Core

Roon Core Machine

ROCK in Intel i5 NUC

Networking Gear & Setup Details

gigabit swicht

Connected Audio Devices

OPPO 203

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I would like to use my OPPO as streamer with my ROON which is install ROCK in my NUC Intel i5. I have the oppo and the Nuc connected to the swicht. Waching my oppo in my TV in the network I am able to recognize my NUC and as well my local library.
But I am not able of recognizing my Oppo in the ROON audio zone configuration.
My idea is utilize my oppo as streamer, since I can stream directly with it Googel, BBC etc.
thanks in advance for help

Only oppo 203 or 205 will be recognized

The Oppo UDP 203 must be turned on (standby will not make Roon detect it). Last time I tested it worked fine here, so the Oppo 203 is not the issue.

I use my Oppo 203 as a Roon end-point feeding HDMI to LG OLED then HDMI to Bose streaming Tidal and Qobuz with a Roon Nucleus. Earlier, I also used a direct HDMI connection from Nucleus to Oppo, but I have since moved my Nucleus to another Room.

Thanks a lot for quick answer.
I did a mistake my oppo is 103 not 203.
Do no valid as end point with roon.
Thanks again.

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