Using path in FOCUS

Is is possible to only select tracks in a given path(s) on my server, I have not been able to figure this out yet (ideally in FOCUS)

thanks for sharing your thoughts

Yes, no problems, if you have defined each path wanted as a separate Storage location.
This is not possible (afaik) with Internal Storage, but other types of storage will allow you to do this.

You can’t using focus, but you can via the tracks browser and adding “path” as a column - see this KB article .

You can bookmark the result of the filtering If you have a favourite path.

Have a look at Focus/Inspector/Storage Location. It will allow you to focus on top level watched folders.

Any chance of detailing this on the paths below the top level?

Ok how would this work,
I am trying to filter on let’s say DTS or Shazam in the folder name and it should display all folders with either DTS or Shazam in the name

thanks for clarifying

Something like this…

Thanks for the print screen. I can do a single word filter however I want to filter on two or more unrelated items like in my example DTS and Shazam. When I do them separate I get a result, however I want to be able to combine them

Ahh, apologies for misunderstanding your post.

It can be done, but requires a kludge work round. You need to use tags to note the result of each filter separately, and then combine these using the procedure discussed in this thread

I wouldn’t recommend it for frequent use.

Can’t you filter again, using the 2nd word after applying the 1st filter?
I doubt however ig you can bookmark this but worth to try?

You can use Focus/Inspector/Storage locations if your Core is setup in that manner.

My QNAP Server Storage Locations.

Album-Focus-Inspector-Storage Locations

And, the result.

As stated before, this does not work in all situations, such as ROCK with internal storage.
And you can’t Focus on anything below top level.

I thought no, but actually, yes, with the help of a tag.

Do the first filter. Select all tracks and add to a tag.
Now choose tracks with the new tag.
Now use funnel filter for second term.

That would not work for me as all my imported playlists would breakdown and not get imported properly.
That’s a pity…

Hmm, are you sure? Aren’t playlists “translated” into Roon so to speak?
(I’m not a playlist kinda’ guy)

I ran a trial many months ago and all the playlists failed as I had deployed this logic you have. Only including from the top level folder seems to have done the trick

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