Using playlists and tags


I am fairly new to Roon and in trial phase.
I now started to try out the usability for me.
Currently I was playing my music on a DLNA capable receiver from a Synology (Media Server). My music library contains about 9000 songs from my 500 CDs.
The functionality of such a setup is limited to playing music files and playlists and selecting the music to play via single selection, playlist or criteria generated by the Media Server software (similar to Kodi, etc.).
I was not entirely happy with the generated criteria (genre, album title, interpret) so I started using playlists I created after various criteria that I put into the file tags (genre, release date, rating) or created playlists after usage criteria (relaxing, dinner music, easy listening, driving, christmas, favourite songs, etc.).
This work shows up also in Roon and I can use this as usual.

Now what can I do with my music beyond that?
I tried to play music and create ad-hoc criteria to select the music. I succeeded only after creating own tags and local copies of some of the playlists. After that I was able to filter tracks in the track view.
Is this the way Roon is intended to use if you want to play music according to not pre-generated criteria?

I then noticed that tags (containing tracks selected manually or added from playlists) do not get updated when I update playlists or tracks.
Is that working as designed? If yes, I’ll have to keep to my old technique with playlists I newly generate after each update of the music library or I have to manually update the work I have done in Roon.

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You might try looking at BookMarks. You can bookmark a focus criteria such that new content which fits that criteria will automatically be included in the bookmark. For example, if I focus on Never been played and set that as a bookmark, then as albums are added that have never been played they show up, as I play them, they drop off, etc.

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