Using Raspberry Pi + Touch Screen as Roon Remote

I’d like an option to setup a Raspebrry Pi plus touchscreen display as a Roon Remote (only).
This could then be used as a wall mounted controller in a multi-room setup.


I would rate this as unlikely to come. A pi device just does not have the resources to run Roon remote. Roon needs devices to support Open GL 3 or higher and Roon use Xamarin to port its code across different operating systems and this does not support Linux as far as I can tell.

Of course they have made a Linux server so maybe one day…

Why not just use a cheap Android tablet?

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Thanks for your reply.

I want to mount a “device” in-wall with no visible cables. I could do that with the Pi. So far I’ve not found a satisfactory mount for Android devices albeit I have seen a possible iPad product.

Moreover, I’m not looking for the full Roon experience … select from lists, play, pause etc. and switch zones. I can do this already using Mopidy (but I’d like to have a single solution.)

Savant and iPort both have products for mounting ipads with no visible cables, and with 1 wire run to the unit to do power and ethernet (not wifi!).

The iPort “SM with Buttons” also has Roon support (1.3) using the upcoming Roon API.

As for the RPi client, that is not on the roadmap. It’s possible, but Im not sure the demand is there to justify the expense to build it (or any other generic Linux full UI).

Thanks for the clarification, Danny.

Unfortunately the asking price of the iPort is excessive: almost twice the cost of the iPad! There seems to be little choice in the UK. I’ll keep looking.

Would be nice if there was a volumio type of web interface for Roon that could run on lesser capable devices like RPi and the 7" LCD.

Agreed, it would be great to have a web interface to remote control roon core.
I was also looking to use a raspberry pi + touch screen as remote control.

Most of the features in my original request are now available with Ropieee.


A web remote is already available and using a Raspberry Pi touchscreen as a controller kiosk is one of the primary use cases why I wrote the Roon Web Controller.

I have even gone so far as to write a step by step installation guide using Diet Pi on a Raspberry Pi with touchscreen.


Thanks a lot Martin and Mike! this is exactly what i was looking for!

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Excellent and Thanks a lot @Mike_Plugge
for this Web Roon controller

Wouldn’t a mini Mac and 24” touchscreen monitor work? Would cost around $700.

Out of curiosity I have built a couple of Raspberry pi devices running Android in the last couple of weeks for use in a warehouse environment.
That has worked well and it would be great to see Roon running on that. Admittedly the 27" screen might be a bit large, it would scale to a 10" or 12" or so screen quite nicely. I have not tried Roon on an Android tablet for a little while though, so not sure how well it looks.
It would also work well with a web interface as well. If you like a bit of tinkering it’s fairly painless



I know this is old, but has anyone actually tried that? I wonder if Roon remote on Android can be made to run in landscape mode?

Hi Dan I have Android running in my factory on Raspberry Pi’s connected to 40" plus touch screens.
Roon should run on that if you can get the APK on it (which you can from a memory card).
I am pretty sure they would work fine, but these devices do not have the Google Play Store on them so keeping them up to date could be a challenge.
You can probably get the Play Store on them but that is as far away from what I wanted to do as can be, given they are in a factory environment and only on private WiFi.

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Thanks @Michael_Harris, sounds like landscape mode is the least of my problems then :slight_smile:

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Sorry Dan yes Roon on Android tablets runs in Landscape mode. I had an old Pixel C that used to work nicely.
I now wish i had brought one of these large touchscreens and Pi device’s home and tried could have been real fun.

We do have a 17" Android tablet in the office, maybe I will ask my colleague if I can borrow it and try Roon on it at home :grin:

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