Using Reference 4 correction software with Roon

When at my laptop, I use a Dragonfly connected to studio monitors. Roon works great. However, it doesn’t seem to recognize the Reference 4 Systemwide correction software, even though Dragonfly is selected as output.

The Reference 4 works fine when playing iTunes through the Dragonfly, but it’s not recognized by Roon.

Is there a solution for this?

Thank you,

Not an expert, but I believe you can copy the Reference 4 curve into the DSP options somewhere.
Check out the Convolution filter option or the EQ filter options.

Thanks, that could be a good workaround. I’m still curious as to why it won’t work directly with Roon…

Well, it turns out you have to Enable Sonarworks Reference as a separate output in Audio and then select that as output. Works now.


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