Using remote back-up through router for Roon files?

Hi all,

I am looking at various back-up solutions for my Roon files.

One option is to attach a hard drive to my Mom’s router (which is in a different country) and make the back-ups that way. Let’s call that the M Drive.

I currently use Carbon Copy Cloner for my back needs for local storage but how would I integrate this M Drive into that back-up scheme?

I am familiar with addresses but would it be as simple as finding out the M Drive’s address and go from there?

Has someone tried and tested this method with some success?

Thanks all!


If you mean the Roon library and not your music files, then the only way a backup of the Roon database is guaranteed to be restorable is if the Roon software, i.e. Settings==>Backups, is used.

Hi @Slim_Fishguttz, thanks for your reply.

I back up my Roon library (itself) to multiple locations but in this instance I am referring to the FLAC files.

Do you know how I would be able to accomplish that?

Sorry, I don’t.

Maybe the post should be in the Tinkering section? I can move it if you want.

Hello again, yes please if you could move it that would be great.


Any backup over the internet is likely to take a lot off time with distance of transmissions being the biggest issue