Using remote control with Roon and Hegel H90

Just switched from a Intel nuc running roon core+ USB connecting to Hegel h90 to rspi+Allo Digi one signature running dietpi as roon bridge and a coaxial connection to the Hegel (nuc still running roon core).

Any idea how can I still use the Hegel remote for play,pause,next functionality? I try to update the nuc ir driver (he has a ir sensor) but without success.

Thank you!

Sorry no one answered you. But I have a question for you, because I am thinking buying the same amp, and would like to know your general impressions. What’s more, coax is 192kHz right? How about the usb connection?

Thank you!

The Hegel remote can’t control any other device than the Hegel I am afraid. Roon is controlling the Allo not the Hegel and has no communication path to it when using spdif. You could try usb from Pi to Hegel and see if that works.

If you want to use a remote then you would need to use the Deep Harmony extension and purchase a Logitech Harmony Hub and remote which can fill the role as remote for Hegel and control Roon.