Using ROCK with NAS...will this work?

Question. If I hard wire a ROCK NUC to my router and my NAS is also similarly wired to the router, will the speed be slow? Now, using external hdd connected to Mac and works great but when I used NAS on WiFi it took forever for new songs to be added. This is key because I am adding many new songs as I digitize my collection. Or should I connect my external hdd to nuc? Not sure if Synology NAS can be connected to NUC. If I do will I be able to find it in my network for dbpoweramp? My iMac where I control is in another room. I’m using iOS devices to control too.

I am going to buy an endpoint. Wondering if the ROCK needs to or should connect hardwired?
thanks. New and a bit overwhelmed.

Then you’re better off using local storage (internal or USB connected disks) with your ROCK. Use your NAS as a backup location for your library.

Blackjack, thanks. I’m cool with using hdd on rock. Will rock connect via Ethernet? And if so, will I be able to access hdd to add music? Sorry for noob questions!!:pray:

Surely. See ROCK: Importing Music.
Please take a look at the contents of ROCK: Getting Started also.

This is the setup I have. To be precise,
Music on synology ds214play.
Roon on Intel NUC7i5BNK NUC with 128 GB M.2 SATA III SSD and 4GB Ram, running Rock.

I haven’t noticed any speed problems at all.


And I assume that HDD connected to the ROCK will also be visible to iTunes? I use it to store local stuff on my iPhone for situations where I am offline.

I don’t use iTunes (I was in the believe it’s dead now anyway) or Apple products at all.

So does new music show up promptly?

Ahh, there’s a wrinkle. The notification aspect. NASs aren’t good at letting the NUC know about changes to its files.
I just tell Roon to rescan when I’ve added anything. Then it’s quick.

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Thanks. Just ordered the rock components. I’ll try both and see what works. The usb hdd is probably the best bet. I use the nas as a Plex server and music backup. No real need to force roon on it.

It’s my experience that having the music files on the NAS is just fine. You should keep the Roon database on a local drive, preferably a SSD.

Try putting your library Roon files local with music on NAS. Upgrade to a SSD on the NAS. I have my NUC with two drives, one is a SSD for Roon and the OS.

Good Intel Nuc, Nas Qnap, switch and port aggregation. it solves many problems with file transfer speed

I have had no issues with my Synology NAS and Roon ROCK. Both are wired into my network. All music resides on the NAS with the Roon database stored on my Intel Nuc with the Roon OS (on SSD).

As others have said, NAS devices don’t immediately notify ROCK of new files (eventually ROCK catalogs new music files). If you are in a rush to get the music into the database, then manually rescan.

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