Using Roon Account With App on Different iPads

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10 based PC 8gb RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Hard wired

Connected Audio Devices

Using Lyngdorf 1120

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

I have recently started using Roon and I have the app on my Ipad. My wife also has an Ipad and uses my account. She can see the library, can see the history and can search for music but when she selects a track there is no sound from speakers. The Ipad shows the track being played and it is counting the time but there is no sound. Any ideas ?

Reboot everything from the network outward and try again

Thanks but I have tried that to no effect. It is working perfectly well from my Ipad

silly question: are all the settings identical on both Ipads? Specifically: is Roon set on both ipads to output to the same audio zone?

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Thanks. I believed so but to be absolutely sure can you please tell me precisely which setting and where I can find it. Thanks

at the bottom of the roon screen (to the right of the play/pause/stop buttons, it will show you what the Ipad is trying to push Roon to (in other words: where each Ipad is sending the music). Make sure they are the same on both Ipads.

Another setting might be: Settings / audio and then look for the device that is supposed to be reproducing the sound on both Ipads, making sure it is enabled on both and that the settings are the same on both…


Ah They are different. My ipad, which works, shows the ‘Living Room Hi FI’ My wife’s Ipad shows ‘System Output’ I have changed it to show ‘Living Room Hi FI’ and it works.

Many thanks Patrick - Problem solved

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:slight_smile: Happy to help.

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