Using Roon at home and the cottage on same laptop

I use Roon on my laptop mostly at home to access my NAS music. Ideally, I’d like to use the same laptop when at the cottage for Roon. I have a lot of music at the cottage on a usb drive. Ideally going offline would be great with some of my home music, but all I really need is to be able to access new music at the cottage (much of which is a copy of my home music libraries). Is this possible simply by adding the cottage usb drive as a music library to my existing laptop/core when I’m there? I read that it is possible to use two computers by de-authorizing one or the other but can i use the same roon laptop for both, or do I need to set up a different laptop/core at the cottage? @support

I think the simplest thing of simply adding both the NAS and the USB drive as separate watched folders and letting them be unavailable sometimes is the best way to do this. Nothing should outright break, and I don’t know of any better way.

There are some parts of Roon that will be a little less “smooth” than they otherwise would be with half the library constantly unavailable, things like higher memory consumption or database file size. If you don’t disable the NAS watched folder when it’s not available Roon will also try to reconnect to it regularly. Other than that this should “just work”.

Great Thanks . I’ll try it and see what the experience is like . Mike