Using Roon at work and home

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I’ve been enjoying Roon on my work computer for over a year now. I have a simple setup of iMac, 4 TB USB drive with ~1.0 Tb of FLAC files and I stream Tidal. This goes to desktop speakers or through a headphone amp.

At home, I have a fairly high end two channel system using a Linn Akurate DS (digital streamer/DAC) and a ReadyNAS server with the same number of FLAC files I have at work. Right now I use the Linn’s Kazoo app to stream digital files.

Here is my question, can I use Roon at home and at work without always changing the location of the Roon core? Is there a way to use Roon at home and at work that doesnt require two lifetime subscriptions?

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+1. This should be on the Roadmap if not already. Auto authorization in each location that detects and prevents concurrent use seems to be all that should be required. This assumes no core is running on an air-gapped system and can communicate out the firewall to Roon Central; one couldnt do the manual deauth/reauth dance or get metadata etc. anyway if it was so ignore that I guess. lol

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Roon basically already does this. Just unauthorize the other core and you are good to go. Syncing the files/favorites is more of the issue. Its straight forward but not “automatic”.

How can I sync albums from one core to another core?

Yes, you can de-authorize and re-authorize but that really gets in the way of daily use in my opinion. I think it would be so much nicer for all that to happen with a simple log in step. Hoping that this is planned.

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Not a simple problem at all. While it might work fine for a single user use case, a multiple user use case would not work well. Your at work you sign in, work core “automatically” authorized, your spouse starts using it at home and takes your work core authorization away from you. While the similar can happen with the current system, at least having to Login indicates to the user that Roon is in use at the other Core.

Well, my intention with this post was to see if its possible and not design a solution. I think the bottom line for me would be to have a way to assign more than one core on my not inexpensive account. Perhaps this would involve a fee, but again, I’m more interested seeing if there was already a better solution than de-authorize/re-authorize. I love Roon and want to use it more.

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Have you ever had any issues switching your core back and forth from one device to another? I had my core on a Dell laptop and now a Nucleus. We’re leaving home for 3 weeks and I’m hesitant to switch back to the laptop because everything is working perfectly right now. I may just stream directly from Tidal and Qobuz while away from home to avoid the risk of messing up something.

Switching cores is relatively straight forward and shouldn’t cause problems if both systems are set up correctly. Its just enough number of steps that there is no way I would be able to explain to my wife how she has to deauthorize my work computer so she can listen at home with Roon. Mild hassle for me, major hassle for the family.

Hi James

What did you use to migrate your core, I have a new mini arriving tomorrow.


I used a 1 TB USB drive that I already.

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