Using Roon for tagging

Out of J. River, dbPoweramp, foobar I have yet to find any media software that automatically pulls down composer tags for FLAC. As lacking as Windows Media Player was it at least used to automatically pull down missing composer info on my Windows Media Audio Lossless files.

Does anyone know of media playback software that pulls down and sets/embeds composer tags for songs? The majority of my stuff is FLAC then after that DSD files. (I transcoded all my old WMA Lossless files over to FLAC using J River) I wish Roon could embed tags like this as it’s excellent at simply displaying composer info but that’s it.

Most of my collection is Jazz and classical so a lot of times I really want to know who the composer is which is not always obvious with Jazz. I interact with my music on multiple devices that are not Roon compatible (Sony HAP-Z1ES, downloaded music to my Pixel XL phone on the go, music served locally to multiple Chromecast Audios, various speakers with Chromecast built-in and a NAD Chromecast amp throughout our home, as well as music served remotely via BubbleUPnP and AssetUPnP) that I’d like to see the composer info displayed. Having it only show up in Roon is frustrating. I’d actually be willing to pay more if I could get automatic tagging of missing info embedded from Roon.

You can Export your Album files which will create file tags based on the Roon metadata. It’s free with your Roon licence.

Can’t speak for the others, but dbPoweramp will certainly pull down and insert Composer tags into files - assuming that the information is there in the metadata sources that it uses. Admittedly, my main music genre is classical, and the composer is more likely to be present than for jazz.

Thereby hangs the tale …

The reason software like JRiver doesn’t auto fill Composer is normally the some “thoughtful person” has put Beethoven as the Artist … WHY ?

What a thrill to hear Beethoven as a performing artist

What was that acronym SISO sorry GIGO

As. JRiver user I always check what I import , there’s no way round it…,