Using Roon in Alternate Locations

I have two homes, dividing my time equally between the two. Currently, I have Roon set up on a Sonictransporter I5 at location A. When I go to location B, I’d like to be able to set up Roon there. How do I go about doing this? I’m guessing that I could just take the I5 to Location B and set it up there, using a Sonore MicroRendu as the renderer. Are there other options? Thanks,

Don Ivey

Yes, this will work, if that means also taking your music files…

None simpler than taking your ST with you,

I loaded my music files onto the internal hard drive, so I’m guessing this will work. However, if I wanted to install the Roon Server on another device (laptop), I assume I could take it with me to location B and just disable the I5, then enable the laptop to be active once I get there. Will this also work? Thanks,

Yes, that will work. And you could copy your local music files on the laptop.

Thanks very much.

A laptop can make a very compelling portable Roon Server.

FWIW, my core is a NUC running ROCK with my library on an internal SSD. Recently I visited a friend that I wanted to demo it to, so I brought the NUC to his house, made a wired connection to his router (easier than fussing with wifi passwords) and it all just worked instantly.

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