Using Roon on laptop and ROCK with separate licenses

I recently installed Roon to a NUC running ROCK. I then used the CD ripper utility to create a library on an internal drive on the NUC. I’m now backing up the CD rips to a usb external ssd. I also have a weekend house where I run Roon on a laptop with a second license (so a separate database). So my question is: Can I use the external ssd as the library storage on the laptop (which I assume I can) and where will Roon get the metadata for those ripped CDs? Will I have to re-identify all those CDs so that version of Roon will have the proper metadata?

Hi William,

Yes - a USB HDD will be fine.

Yes - your 2nd installation will do the same as the 1st as you might expect. Roon will scan and identify your albums (assuming you haven’t done a strange system of artist/album names etc). Assume you have internet access for the metadata pull.