Using Roon on multiple computers | Syncing Library Data (plays etc)

What are the files containing information about my database modifications (such as plays / favourites)?

I use Roon at work and at home. In order to use Roon on both computers, I deauthorize one computer and authorize the other. This is alright… problematic is that all my modifications to the database (such as Favourites, Plays etc.) are not synced while doing so.

Now … I’m not sure if such a feature is in the making, it would sure be nice, but as I understand from other board entries, it’s not here yet. So it seems the only option for now is to backup the library data manually in order to transport the plays / faves data etc.

This also would not be such a problem If I knew which files / folder actually store this data… for the moment I copy all files, in order to make it work, which always takes a lot of time and certainly would not be necessary. Which files do I actually have to copy?

Thanks for any help!

Keep one machine (home) as a master. Take regular backups using the native backup scheme and restore them to the work machine. It should take a bit of time to set up and a USB stick.

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Thanks Henry!

That’s a bit less complicated in comparison to how I did it…

To the ‘restoring on the work machine’ part - you mean by copyying it on a USB stick, right?

But here I have the same problem … it just takes a long time, a too long time, if I want to restore the backup regularly.


Are the files with the information on plays etc all scattered across these 26k files?

Once established it should only update files that have changed. But I couldn’t testify to that as I have only restored from backups a couple of times, and when I last built a core I didn’t even bother to do that, I just let it update and scan because I wanted to see how my Gen 8 i7 performed doing it.

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Yes, that would make sense. But if I get this right I still would need to copy all the files on the USB stick everytime, right, it just would replace the ones that had been modified in the meantime.

I had hoped for an easier / more comfortable option.