Using Roon on vacation

My core is on a Mac Mini. I’m thinking about installing Roon on my laptop to use on vacation with a USB drive containing my music files. At home my library is on a NAS. I’ve read some posts about using Roon on multiple computers, and I’m aware I will need to deauthorize my core at home on the Mini in order to do this. After vacation, I’m planning on using the Mini as my core again with the library source being the NAS again. Will I lose anything on the Mini by doing so? I don’t care about needing to deauthorize Roon on the laptop after vacation.

Thank you

you will be fine…the library will be unique for each core…I do this a lot and in fact will be doing tmro for 12 days while traveling too. If you have tidal your tidal faves etc should resent to the laptop core.

Excellent! Thanks very much.