Using Roon Remote on Windows PC that was previously used as a Roon Core

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I ran Roon Core on my Windows10 i7 Laptop, pleased with the result I decided to buy a dedicated Roon Server (Silent Angel Rhein Z1).

Now I want to use Roon as a remote on my Windows laptop but when I start it up it asks whether or not I want to disable to Silent Angel Rhein Z1 as a core. Not wanting to do that I select ‘Go Back’ which results in a blank page with the Roon-logo displayed.

How can I, in my situation, use my laptop as a Roon Remote?

From the description of the message (Asks whether or not you want to disable the Z1) it sounds like you need to reply NO you do not want to disable the Z1 as the core. Only one active core is allowed per subscription so you will need to disable the Windows Laptop core. The Roon software on the laptop will act as a remote when its core function is disabled.

This is what I would do …

  • Start Roon on the laptop
  • When prompted, de-authorise the Silent Angel Rhein Z1 as the Roon Core.
  • The Core will now be running on the laptop.
  • Now go to Roon → Settings → General and click on disconnect.
  • This will then display a screen where you can select which installation of Roon you wish to connect to.
  • Select the Silent Angel Rhein Z1, and when prompted de-authorised the laptop core.

Hope this helps.

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It works! Thanks.

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