Using Roon Server on a mac mini - audio issue

I have Roon on a mac mini with my audio library attached. I have it set up to play audio via the output/headphone jack from the unit itself which routes into my whole home audio system. I want to select the “mac mini” as an output to play so the signal is direct. Recently due to updates with the Roon software, now I see all my apple and sonos devices in the zones menu, but I can no longer figure out how to plat the output directly from the server, rather when I access Roon on my mac or mobile devices it only allows me to play via the controlling device, or use airplay or sonos to play. Any advice @support on how to solve for this?

The audio output from the Macmini is rather bad and not ideal for plugging into an audio system. You would be better off with going either via usb to a dac or via a network connected dac perhaps on a raspberry pi. Doesn’t solve your immediate problem but something to consider for better quality audio.

Courtney, do you have the optical selected in Midi app?

im not sure im following? I am going audio out direct via the headphone jack into a direct input in control 4 whicb I use for my whole home system.

Since Im going direct into control 4 as an input I guess I can get an external DAC which connects via UBS and have the audio direct source come from there? Do you have a rec?

Courtney, the Midi Setup App in the Utility’s menu let’s you select the built in output. A speaker Icon will appear next to the built in output. The gear at the bottom of the app is where you select it. It’s not obvious.

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@Courtney_Holt ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. I wanted to touch base with you to see if any progress has been made here with the advice given by the other users in the thread. Let me know and I will be glad to lend a hand if further assistance is requires :microscope: