Using Roon simply as a music player?

Any way to use Roon as just a music player. I bought it (lifetime) to replace JRiver. Found Roon to be a stable platform with great user interface. Added “Roon Ready” device (Devialet) and problems abound.

I don’t need Roon to take control of any other devices. No streaming, no wireless, no network, no internet. Just want it to play music in a hardwired system.

Local Files > NUC > USB Cable > Integrated Amplifier.

This configuration worked fine until integrated was swapped out for one that is “ Roon Ready”.


If your new device has a USB input or other digital inputs, then you should be able to use it as an audio device on the NUC, just like the old one. If not, then I guess you’ll have to connect it to your network and stream. If I understand correctly, that’s how a Roon-ready device is meant to be used. If that’s not what you want, I’d be curious to know the reason you went for a Roon-ready device in the first place. Also, it would help describing what problems you are facing.

Because Roon phones home occasionally to check its license, you need an internet connection for at least that.

Because your Core also functions as your only endpoint and you connect to your DAC via USB, then you shouldn’t need anything else.

Don’t know what problems are ‘abounding’, but if you’ve never successfully used your new Roon Ready device, Roon may be trying to check that is a certified Roon Ready device by calling in.

Does Settings==>Audio recognize the device?

OTOH, some people have complained that when their internet was down they couldn’t play local files, but others have had no problem.

I used home plugs and ethernet out to Devialet. Never had a problem.

From the other thread you had open -

I think that is the way a Roon Ready device is supposed to work.

I went with the Devialet Expert 220 Pro because it is a well rated integrated amplifier with a great dac and phono stage built in. Since I had a lifetime Roon subscription I thought it would be a no brainer.
I have used Roon for the last three years as a music player. No network. No problems.

Problems are the “Audio files loading slowly”, drop-out, skipped tracks. Also Roon switches inputs without being asked or stops when another input is selected.

Yes, Roon recognizes the device. Yes, connected to the internet.


Yes, it is part of the specification, and intended to make operation more intuitive and friendly.

No other device works this way. If you want do do an A/B/C comparison between local files through Roon, a CD, and vinyl it is impossible.

Thanks but I am finding it is neither intuitive or friendly.

Well I guess it is friendlier for folk who want to enjoy music rather that perform A/B/X testing, but your needs are clearly different. I doubt that Roon will change their specification though.


Thanks, that’s very interesting. I wonder if switching can be turned off in RAAT or on the Devialet? As for streaming issues, that is of course not expected, provided all else is equal. Sharing your signal path might help.

You can try running the Devialet in UPnP mode rather than roon ready.

Roon supports Squeezbox so there are several methods of introducing a Squeezbox/DLNA bridge into your network so that you can get roon to play to a DLNA rather than RAAT device.

I don’t know if the Devialet will then behave as you wish but you will have taken roon RAAT and roon ready integration out of the equation.



Things are not adding up here.

These are not the characteristics of a usb connection.

Thats because he gets this using network and RAAT to the Devialet not via USB.

Every Roon Ready device works this way. It’s part of the Roon Ready spec to have seamless switching between sources without the users having to interact with the machine. Press play in Roon it switches to Roon, switch to another input Roon stops and device switches.

Roon is designed as music playback software and for me and others operates as intended via Roon Ready. If I accidently switch input Roon stops playback and I can pick it back up by simply hitting play. Why would a user not want this? It’s part of the deeper interaction Roon Ready brings its not just a dumb input . It has more deep knowledge of that device and the playback chain and it’s features that usb just doesn’t bring. If they are not for you then a return to usb will get you what you want.

Sounds like your playback issues are network related if your getting slow playback, this usually points to poor wireless connectivity somewhere in the chain and usually the core, which is recommended to be hardwired especially if your playing via network. If you where wireless before when USB then the core was only pulling via WiFi which is less demanding, it’s now pulling and sending at same time. if the Devialet is also wireless then this can furthers compound things. So all this I am afraid is likely showing weakness in your wireless setup that wasn’t being revealed before. Roon can punish weak wifi setups as being a server it needs quite a lot of its airtime and bandwidth.

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Switching problem solved.

Took Roon out of “Exclusive Mode”. No longer attempts to control Roon Ready device.