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Asus Laptop, Windows 10

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I have my entire music collection in a folder on my laptop. I want to play this music on my wireless speakers through mobile devices (tablet and smartpone). With Google Play Music (the app I currently use) this is possible without the need to start up my laptop. Is that possible with Roon as well?

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How can you play music from a computer that is not running? Anyway, if you have the Roon core loaded onto your laptop, which I do, the laptop has to be running to use Roon. That said, as long as the laptop is running, you can use an iPhone or iPad to control your music. You don’t have to physically interact with your laptop.

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With Google Play Music this does work without having my computer running. I am not really technical on these matters, but probably it does so by putting all the music on my pc ‘in the cloud’. For example, I can also acces all my music on my smartphone while on my bike, etc.
But if I understand well, Roon does not offer that possibility.

Right now, Roon only plays Tidal and Qobuz (or your local files), as far as I know. You can stream directly from either of these services using their individual apps on your iPhone or iPad. You won’t be using Roon for this when away from home. When at home and using Roon, your Roon core must be installed on a computer of some sort.

Hi @Remco_Jaspers,

Roon requires a Core machine to work. You can control the Core from a remote device (your Android devices, for example), but they must be connected to the Core machine over the network.

You can learn more about this in our Knowledge Base:

Thanks for your reactions. Probably Roon then is not the application for my current wishes.

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