Using Roon to play NDS, Muso & Muso QB in sync- Not possible

I live in a big flat where Ihear the different devices as I move from room to room therefore if they are not in sync it sounds awfuls
I have tried everything possile including buying 3 Audiostore Mites with use Sonore Bridge to make each device a Squeezebox endpoint.

I am bitterely disappointed as I love Roon.

Here are my findings:

  1. Roon/ Audiostore Mite / Sonore bridge works really well with no loss of sound qaulity compared with the Naim app
  2. I can group all of the devices as they are all recognised as Squeezeboxes but they are out of sync
  3. Whatever I do, and even if I get the three devices in syn to start with they drift and it soon becomes unlistenable after maybe 5 tracks
  4. If I use airplay then they are all in sync but i loose SQ with the NDS so that is not viable
  5. The Naim app plays them in sync but it is horribly limited and ruins my experience that Roon is so good at delivering.

Any ideas? I am sooooo frustrated. Does anyone know if this woiuld be solved using the latest Naim streamers?

The UPnP bridge is not really an officially supported method and considering the convoluted chain it’s using to present your devices to Roon I am not surprised it’s not in sync as they are all using different clocks. Have you tried playing with the sync delay and setting one as master this may help

The new streamers use RAAT so would sync to any other RAAT endpoibt but your Musos don’t so your never going to get a Roon solution to work for all of them I am afraid except maybe Naims multiroom but that would need a new streamer to.

The only other solution would be to use a different device to deliver the stream, raspberry pis with an external output hat as these would be all RAAT endpoints. You then feed these into your Naim kit. Does the Muso have an digital in? Do the Mites have digital out?

You can kind of get this to work using a combination of the Naim application and Roon.

I have an NDS and use LMS-to-UPNP to stream to it which is similar to your bridge.

Start your playback on the NDS and then open the Naim application and access the now playing screen. Click on the multi room icon and select the Muso’s you wish to stream to. The Naim app will take care of instructing the NDS to send its output to the Muso(s).

This works in perfect sync for me.

I’m actually using the bridge for the Muso’s at the moment as Airplay has the unfortunate behaviour of bringing things on at 100% volume so you can do this the other way, Muso to NDS as well.

You could add the Digi card to your Mites as you already have those as another option seems they sell one for it and Run Roon bridge on it as it comes with it already. Then you have a fully supported Roon RAAT endpoint

Thank you so very much, this work exactly as you have said. No one else was able to provide this advice despite multiple response; thank you again.

Abdolutely brilliant.

I now have some Audiostore Mites to sell.