Using Roon via Jriver WDM driver and MQA DAC question

Long time JRiver user that has signed up for a year of roon. A lot of my critical listening is done off of PC so I have a lot of options on how to produce audio output. My signal path is one of two different possibilities, one is either PC to topping d10 then optical to two an NAD C368 integrated amplifier which feeds BMW 607s and an SVS SB 1000 sub. The other is PC to dragonfly red to one of the NADs analog line inputs.

Sources are a mixture of high res and CD quality flac files and tidal.

For MQA tracks I use the dragonfly. For non-mQA tracks I’ve been routing the audio through JRiver WDM driver. With the Jriver driver I am able to adjust the phase correction interactively much more easily than with the roon interface and it gives me access to vST plugins.

Wondering if others are doing the same or using any other similar programs to Jriver.

Also wondering what other low-cost MQA DACs people are using. Pro-ject S2 pre comes to mind. Thanks for your thoughts guys