Using Roon with a phone

Hi guys!

When I listen to music:
a) Most frequently: I open app and play recently added tracks.
b) On rare occasions: I’m on a discovery journey, to add new tracks to my library.

This is pretty much it. The problem is, you cannot play recently added tracks, when using Roon on a phone. Well, technically You can, but You need to select them manually, one track at a time.

Do You think my behavior is odd? Doesn’t it bother anyone else?

Please, help. Either by helping me understand a better way or by showing Your support :blush:


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Simple solution is to create a Focus on tracks added in the last day or week or whatever suits your fancy. Save that Focus as a Bookmark. Then when you want to play recently added tracks, just pull up the bookmark and hit Play. It’s obviously a live bookmark, meaning if you add a track today it will automatically be included in the bookmark.


Thanks for a quick reply David!

Unfortunately, It doesn’t really do the trick for me. Let’s say I’ve added 30 tracks in the last month. If I focus on “added in the last month”, they will sort alphabetically. So the songs I’ve added during last few days will be randomly scattered on this playlist. Instead, I would like to listen to songs I’ve added most recently. Even if I don’t, it’s easy to navigate, if you know the order is chronological.

By the way, is there a way to sort tracks on your phone using Roon?

You can use focus and choose played then where you see the +, click it, it will change to - this will show all tracks or albums in album view unplayed. You can further add locations from streaming services so it only focuses on those. There is no sort method on mobile you need to use full remote for that then save the focus. No idea why it’s missing on tracks though seems an oversight as there is plenty of room, maybe a bug as I am sure there used to be. Tracks doesnt get much love as Roon is very much an album focused app as opposed to track focused.

Thanks CrystalGipsy. I just tried to add bookmark on my desktop (tracks sorted by date added), and then open it in my mobile - unfortunately, it’s sorted by alphabetical order again.

I really hope someone from Roon will notice this thread - I believe fixing this would have great benefit to cost ratio. Given my listening habits, operating Roon with a mobile is a very frustrating experience.

I put in a support ticket for this missing as it’s also absent on compositions, I am sure it used to be there.

Thanks again CrystalGipsy!

To sum it up, please give Your thumbs up for:

  1. adding “play from here” option in “my tracks” and “added recently”
  2. adding option to sort “my tracks” (especially by date added),

when using phone to operate Roon.


It’s not missing apparently it’s just never been a thing. Track view is pretty much a spreadsheet view which doesn’t translate to the mobile experience. Which I can understand its UI in the main ap is very different.

I changed the ticket to a feature request but don’t hold your breath for Roon to add it. I am only a user like you, you will need to get others to support this for Roon to pay any attention and even then they are slow to add things if they do at all. Go find it and add your vote.

Tracks view is not a playlist it’s just a view so asking for play from here makes no sense. You have to add tracks to the queue or build a playlist to have play from here option. Same goes for albums.

I agree, that “my tracks” is not a playlist, but it doesn’t necessarily imply, that adding “play from here” option is a bad idea (every other streaming service I know works this way - as a default).

Anyway, adding option to sort “my tracks” seems like a bare minimum to me :slight_smile: You’d have to make a new playlist from time to time, but it would be possible to operate Roon with a phone (I do believe, that lack of this option destroys UX for a lot of users).

On my way to adding my vote, thanks!